Many farmers and ranchers are expanding their operations with new businesses like buying, selling, storing or processing agricultural products.  We can offer a convenient combination of policies in a single package designed especially for your expanding farms and ranches with commercial exposures.  Owner-occupied and tenant dwellings, farm and agribusiness properties, and even processing facilities can be protected under the same policy.

Farm and Commercial Property

Coverage is available to protect your operation from damage to:

-  Barns, cold storage buildings, grain dryers and grain storage structures.

-  Business income and extra expense.

-  Homes and other structures for personal use.

-  Equipment breakdown for fixtures in buildings.

-  Farm machinery and equipment.

- Stored grain, hay, straw and fodder.

-  Livestock.

Farm and Commercial General Liability

This important liability coverage can be tailored to include:

-  Agricultural and food products you process for or sell to others.

- Agricultural services you perform for others.

-  Farm premises and operations.

Auto Liability and Physical Damage

Liability protection for owning or using:

-  Commercial cars or trucks.

-  Farm cars or trucks.

-  Non-owned or hired cars and trucks.

-  Physical damage insurance for cars and trucks is also available.

Commercial Farm and Personal Umbrella Liability

This broad liability package offers liability protection in addition to other liability coverages you may have.  This type of policy:

-  Increases liability limits

-  Offers a personal liability extension that can apply to named individuals.

-  Provides coverage that can apply in addition to employers liability.

-  Includes provisions to help protect you in the event of unwarranted animal cruelty or employment practice lawsuits.

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