My dog would never hurt anyone!!


You hearthat all of the time, but what happens if Rover decides that the people walking toward you on the sidewalk are encroaching on his territory and decides to bite one of them?  There are a few things you need to know as a dog owner:

  • More than 4.7 ,million people are bitten by dogs annually.
  • Approximately one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claims are from dog bites.
  • In most states, you are personally liable for any injuries.

To learn more about reducing the chances of a dog biting and what you can do to protect  yourself and your assets if it happens, please look up this article.

Also, take a look at Personal Umbrella policies information on our homepage.  A personal umbrella is the most economical way to protect you and your assets.


As an independent agency we can shop other companies for a better rate at any time but there are some pretty important factors we consider before shopping for you.

  • LONGEVITY - all of our companies build into their rating system a longevity factor that typically discounts policies the longer they're in force.  The discount normally increases over time, often every 3 years, basically rewarding the customer.
  • KNOWING THE MARKETPLACE - Some companies are quicker to raise their rates in poor market conditions that others.  Often a company that may offer substantially lower rates simply may not have adjusted their rates yet.  This is particularly true on homeowners insurance.  All carriers are losing money on homeowners business.  It isn't necessarily because of something that you have done, but because of all of the storms that we have experienced in the last few years and the money that the carriers have had to pay out. 
  • COMPARE AUTO COVERAGES - Comparing auto coverages seems pretty simple, however, there are other factors to consider:
  1.  Accident and Violation Forgiveness - This can make a huge difference in your premium should you have an at-fault accident or even get a ticket with a company that does not include this package.
  2. Diminishing Deductible - for each policy term without a claim, your deductible is reduced.
  • COMPARE HOMEOWNER COVERAGES - There are many coverages and limits on the homeowner policy that are not shown on the face of the policy.  They can vary pretty drastically company by company.  Jewelry limits, earthquake deductibles, loss assessments by subdivision associations, business property, sewer back-up, tree damage and personal injury (not just bodily injury).
  • SERVICE - Of course even with all of these factors considered, we realize that sometimes family budgets are such that immediate savings are needed.  When those circumstances exist, we are more than happy to run comparison quotes with all of our carriers.  We feel this is the most meaningful service we can offer our clients as an independent agency that other agencies, direct writers (State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, etc.) cannot.  They represent only one company and cannot offer any other options from what they have.


Credit Reports affect all aspect of your fiscal life......

Your credit report provides lenders and others an objective

measurement of risk.  That is why it is very important to monitor

and manage your credit.  But where do you begin?

Here are threeimportant steps that will help you get started:

  • Request a copy of your credit report - If you feel the report is inaccurate or is lower that you thought, you can take measures to correct.
  • Establish payment reminders - Use your new smart phone or online calendar to remind you or enroll in automatic payment plans, to ensure payments are always timely.
  • Reduce Debt - payoff those installment loans and credit cards.  Sometimes using the stores installment plan for that washing machine can make a big hit on your score.

Visit the following website,,

to request a copy of your credit report and to find out more tips on how to improve your credit.

Credit Reports affect everything today.......

My rates have gone up, do you shop for me?

Does your dog bite?